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  Tuesday June 26th, 2007

SUBJECT: Nikon D40x Digital SLR

For quite some time I've been wanting to get a digital SLR camera.  SLR stands for single lens reflex and means that you look through the actual lens prior to taking the picture.  To most people it's the "fancy" cameras.  The main reason that I wanted one was because I enjoy photography and don't like the limitations that the typical point and shoot cameras have. 

Melissa and I had talked about getting one last year for Christmas but decided to wait until our finances were better because of the large investment that it is.  We planned to purchase one this year for Christmas, but we had been doing very well with our debt reduction and had the opportunity to take 10 months no interest financing.

The first digital SLR (DSLR) that I knew about was made my Canon and was 6.3 mega pixels.  At the time I was told that 6 mega pixels was the equivalent to a 35mm film camera.  Shortly after Canon came out with a 8 mega pixel camera and the 6.3 was hard to find.  I searched e-bay and couldn't really find one unless it was used and I didn't want to spend that kind of money on something that might have a problem with it.

On some of out more recent camping trips and events I noticed that our point and shoot camera wasn't quick enough for me so I started my search for a DSLR again.  I went out the the internet and wanted to compare Canon to Nikon and found that the Nikon D40 was the smallest lightest DSLR but didn't sacrifice quality.  In the reviews I read, they say that the quality was behind Canon's XTi but where it lacked there it make up for physical construction.  In writing this I've found review saying exactly the opposite.  Knowing that we travel, camp, backpack, and 4-wheel, durability was very important to me.  In the Nikon line was the D40 6.3 mega pixels, D40x 10.2 mega pixels, or the D80 10 mega pixels.  The price difference was about $200 respectively.  Going back to my original desire to only have 6.3 mega pixels I was going to purchase the D40, but though I might regret not spending the money now, if later on I start to enlarge and print pictures.  The D80 is a nicer camera, but it's size and price I couldn't justify.

I took the camera for a test run the first weekend we went camping and I must say I've very pleased.  The speed was definitely there for me.  Where I could get 1.5 frame before I was now shooting closer to 9, the manual adjustments were much easier to set then with a point and shoot and I'm excited to keep learning and taking pictures.


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