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  Wednesday January 31st, 2007


Well it's been a while but I finally found the time to post something. I have officially decided that I don't care about sticking to any genre for my blog, it's my blog and I'll blog what I what to

So I'm married now, Yes, I have my very own Mrs. Nowicki. Life in Virginia with my new wife has been going very well. We're still trying to get into a routine and balance spending time with each other, working, and attempting to save money. Melissa and I have both been very busy with work. I usually work about 43 hours a week despite taking any personal time off to get things done. Melissa has been working more than she would like as well.

Now that I'm married, have a job, and have insurance, I was long over due to get an insulin pump. I decided to stay with MiniMed and get their new 722. This pump has the ability to have a continuous blood glucose monitor work with it that will check your blood sugar every 5 days. I didn't get this, at least yet, because it's $1000 up front and around $350 a month if you chose to use it everyday. In any case, the pump has been very helpful in monitoring my diabetes. My average blood sugar had been about 250. Now I think I'm closer to 140 but I think I can do even better. I've been testing my blood sugar almost every hour. The new pump also allows me to upload the results to the internet and from a web site I can get graphs and chats of how I'm doing.

I'll have to finish later.........


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