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In October of 2001 I finally was able to buy my "truck". It's a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT. I had previously driven an '89 Plymouth Sundance and a '91 Ford Escort. The Escort was having clutch problems along with many others when I finally decided it was time to get a newer vehicle.

I decided to go with payments and a newer vehicle because I was (planning) graduating from Fox Valley Technical College in December of 2001 and was planning on buying a new vehicle. While a little premature, I was happy.

Living in Wisconsin I figured it would only be a short time before it started snowing so that I could test out the automatic four-wheel drive. Staying warm until December 24th, I couldn't wait and took every opportunity to take it out in the mud.

This section of my site is dedicated to my offroad adventures and the trips I take it on.

In May of 2005 I bought an '87 Suzuki Samurai. I decided that it's a better idea to take something I'm not worried about off-road and use my Explorer more as a truck for towing and hauling.

The nice thing about Samurai's is that they are relatively inexpensive and parts are easy to find. Now, in 2008 (3 years later) I\'ve made a lot of progress and yet no progress at all. My original Zuk is gone yet I've purchased 2 more. One is now my daily driver and the other one is getting close to being fully setup for whatever the hills can throw at it.

I have also now replaced the Explorer with a Ford F250 diesel. The Explorer's tranny went and we had decided that we needed a bigger vehicle and would start trailering the off-road rig.