Just thought I'd throw this page up here for one of two reasons, or both.  One reason is to let people know the progress for the site.  I did this with another site of mine, and it helps when the site gets larger.  That way you know what changes have been made.  The other reason is to keep everyone up-to-date with me and what's going on in my life.

Website Update

It's been 8 or 9 years so my site has been well over due for a facelift. Since I'm move of a function guy rather than graphic I didn't want to just "pretty up" my site. The plan was to change the picture section to include a database backend and allow searching and smart folders, allow users to add comments, and have a member's only section to keep private photos private.

So far so good.

Added: January 18th 2011

I knew I was behind, but this is rediculous

So much has happened since May 2007.  Let's see what I can all remember.

In April 2008 Melissa and I move to the great state of Washington.  Melissa was unhappy with her job and found her dream job in Richland, WA working for Kadlec Medical Center.  I moved with her against all my will and was very sad to leave my friend and job in Richmond.  Thankfully, Pella allowed me to work remotely while I was looking for work and helping my replacement get up to speed.  We moved to Pasco, WA after finding a house to rent on CraigsList.&

The Tri-Cities area of Washington is comprised of Richland, Kennewick, and Pasco. The area is desert, unlike the rainy, evergreens that everyone thinks about when they think about Washington state. The area we live in is surrounded by what must used to be farms. Through our back yard are goats, down the street are horses, cows, sheep, etc. We've really enjoyed living in a house with a garage and yard vs an apartment.

The move also allowed me to work on the Zuk.  Part of the condition of moving was me spending the money on the Zuk by ordering parts online so I could build on it, rather than have someone help me and show me how to fabricate things on my own.  The process took longer than I wanted and cost more than I originally thought but I'm quite happy with where it's at right now.  I've taken it out on a few runs and have some tweaking to do and some other things, but for the most part it's ready to roll.

I started a job with Washington Fruit and Produce on September 25th, 2008.  This position is very similar to my position at Pella however it's much more faced pased and has multiple companies.  The major issues I'm facing in starting is having to start over like I did when I started Pella.  I keep reminding myself that it's going to take time to get back to the level of comfort and efficiency that I had at Pella before I left.

Since starting my new job, Melissa has been getting upset with Kadlec because they are not moving forward as quickly as she would like with creating a Low Vision Program and their lack of marketing is leaving her with a low case-load and causing them to limit her hours. I suggested that she take a look at the two hospitals in Yakima. She did and is hoping to take a position with Yakima Regional medical Center. This will mean we'll have to pay back a prorated portion of the monies we received for taking the job at Kadlec. The plus side of this would be that I would no longer have to drive the 80ish miles to work everyday.

Added: November 26th 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates

Wow where to start July 2006, went home for my buddy Matt and Melissa's brother's wedding. No Matt didn't marry Melissa's brother, it was two separate weddings in one weekend. Spent about a week in Oshkosh which was nice. The wedding was beautiful and really. August 2006 - Had to move since we didn't renew our lease in time. Out new place is bigger, closer to work, and cheaper. Can't argue with that screw up. October 2006 - Got HITCHED. Drove the Explorer home with a leaking coolant system, replaced the water pump and it's still leaking over 6 month later. December 2006 - Christmas parties for both Melissa's work and my work. Spent Christmas with our adopted family and watch them open gifts like they were all children again. End of December. Got a chance to go backpacking. Weather was cooler but nice. Went to St. Mary's wilderness area and had a much needed relaxing trip. January 2007 - Melissa and I both had great reviews with our employers. April 2007 - Bought another zuk. May 2007 - Bought a new tent and went on a "do-nothing" camping trip to Sherando Lake. Spent Memorial Day camping and caving with coworkers near Dearfield, VA.

Added: May 30th 2007

May & June 2006

History Just thought I'd throw this page up here for one of two reasons, or both. One reason is to let people know the progress for the site. I did this with another site of mine, and it helps when the site gets larger. That way you know what changes have been made. The other reason is to keep everyone up-to-date with me and what's going on in my life. July 2006 Back to work July 6th, found out our apartment was rented and we needed to move out. ***More Updates to come*** Job offers first by Sears then by Pella Windows & Doors. My contract work has never been better and I finally get a decent offer by Sears and the day after accepting it I get a call from a recruiter looking for an IT person for a small company. The job sounded wonderful, the pay better, and it is in my field of course. I held off as long as I could with Sears and was quickly offered the job at Pella for less than I was hoping. I figured I would give it a chance for 6 months and go from there.
The timing for this worked out quite well since my parents were visiting the last weekend in May. They flew in late on Saturday. Sunday morning we got up went to Chruch and then headed to Bush Gardens near Williamsberg. We spent most of the day there and enjoied the day and the shows.
On Monday we got up reasonably early to go to Colonial Williamsburg. Williamsburg was better than I had expected. Some of the staff there work as guides while others act as if they are actually in the time that they are protraying. The community is beautiful just to walk around and view. Some of the building tours were neat but not much different than other history places. The real excitement came towards the end of the day when the actors recreate a famour event in history. On Tuesday, it was back to work for Melissa. Mom, Dad, and I sleep in a bit and then toured Richmond.
On Wednesday (I think) I took Mom and Dad to see the Mountains. We started by going to Crabtree Falls and hiking up about half or three-quarters of the way up. We then proceeded along the Blue Ridge Parkway and then onto Skyline drive. Unfortuneately the weather wasn't the most coopertive, but it was a nice day and a great opportunity to visit.
Thursday and Friday were fairly quiet days but I guess when you're on vacation you should be able to do that. We ended the week by having Mom and Dad take us out to dinner. Saturday morning I got up early to dropp them off at the airport.

June 5th I started with Pella Virginia INC.

June 24 & 25 was wheeling in Crozet

June 29th we flew back to Wisconsin. Read more about it in my Blog post.

Added: June 30th 2006

March & April 2006

Well I rec'd my associates degee. The single 8.5x11 non-framed document was delivered to my Omro address despite the guidance counsilors crabbiness at me to change my address. Mom framed it and sent it here, but the US Postal Service broke it and I rec'd a scratched up frame with a creased and cut degree. Oh well, I guess you don't get what you pay for.

Virginia life is about the same, still no offical job. The weather latly has reminded me of Wisconsin, not February in Wisconsin but the changes in temperature from day to day. It's been 70's one day and 20 to 30s the next. In any case I have no idea what a winter coat looks like anymore.

Melissa and I had some difficulties with our Wedding plans. Robbins over booked and we had to change our date from the 21st to the 28th of October.

Added: May 22nd 2006

February 2006

The pre-screening was a joke, they immediately dismissed me for my prior record, but then sent a letter saying I didn't show up. I decided not to further pursue this. Still trying to find a job February has been quite slow for work, but gave me time to get my Explorer up to state inspection standards. Melissa and I spent a day with some "friends" at the Williamsburg Winery and in York town.

Added: February 28th 2006

January 2006

Back to the swing of things. Training hard for my pre-screening with the Richmond Police Department. Not the safest place to work but they offer the paid training to get me into the field and by the time I get all the training complete I should be eligable for other juristictions.

Remainder 2005
The job search continues. Melissa and I joined Gold's Gym have have been watching our diet and working out. This has helped me control my blood sugars better, but it's still a PITA. Have gone backpacking and hiking several times in Virginia and have went on a couple of "wheeling" trips however the level of difficulty was nothing beyond the Honda's ability. Came home for a nice, but busy Christmas where we got off of our diet completely but managed to get majority of your wedding planned. October 21st before you ask!

Added: January 31st 2006

September 2005

Now living in Richmond, VA. Why the move? Melissa got a great job offer at Ruxton Health Care and I decided that a fresh start was in order. I have done everything that I can to finish my degree still waiting for some tests to become available and to hear back from one of my teachers.
Our apartment and the area is nice. I have some pictures but don't have them available online yet. I plan to go wheeling (off-roading) the first weekend in October so that will make it feel a little bit more like home. :)

Added: September 20th 2005

July/August 2005

Have been working with Oshkosh Truck thru Cadre the temp agency. I'm hoping to get into Oshkosh Truck fully once I finish my Associates degree.
Melissa got a job offer in Virginia and we decided to take a mini-vacation to Virginia to look for apartments and see the facility she would be working at. The trip was great and it looks like we're moving.
I helped the Fox Valley Military Cadets with EAA. The event was a great success. My involvement was to get volunteers together and monitor radios, track hours, and control movements of the parking crews.
Current big news is that I am engaged and have moved to Virginia. Melissa said yes on August 17th after she had decided to take a job with Ruxton Health Care in Fork Union, VA. Click here for pictures of our apartment.

Added: August 31st 2005

March 2005

Working at Perkins doing their books from 6:00a to 8:00a, but usually I get out early.
Matt is leaving Sunrise to take a better, higher paying job with the Marshfield Clinic. I am applying for his old position and will have an interview on 4 APR 2005

Added: March 31st 2005

February 2005

Finally done with Charter! YEAH! Now it's 100% full time at Nowicki Networks. I will try this for a month or two and see if the yellow pages add helps out any.

Added: February 9th 2005

January 2005

Went camping with Gary and a group of guys he knows. Drove almost to Iron Mountain MI. The weather was great, despite being January I was quite warm all weekend.

Added: January 31st 2005

September 2004

Schedule change at Charter. I will now be working 5:30a to 11:30a Monday thru Thursday. This will be very nice because it will allow me to have a 3-day weekend without needed to take any vacation. Also, it will allow me to get back into Boy Scouting and have the ability to go to the regular meetings and weekend.

Melissa and I went to the REI scratch and dent sale on Saturday the 4th and spent a good deal of money on hiking stuff. We got some great deals and then went hiking on the Ice Age Trail. We went for about 10 to 12 miles and because we didn't know that you had to reserve shelters in advance. On Sunday we to the northern unit of Kettle-Moraine and hiked around 8 miles and then stayed at Shelter 1 over night. I had to work Sunday so Melissa got to spend 5 and a half hours by her self in the woods.

Added: September 30th 2004

August 14-22 2004

Went on vacation with Melissa. We started off on Saturday go-carting at the now Mt. Olympus Theme Park We were suppose to meet Dan Mentzel at 10:00 but ended up leaving late and didn't get our camp setup until later than we originally expected. Go-Carting was alright but we spent more time on the roller coasters which to our disappointment only went around once.
On Sunday we went to Pewitt's Nest.
On Monday we went to Parfay Glen.
On Tuesday we went to Devil's Lake. We originally had planned to go biking but after looking at the short biking trails and the fact that all of the points of interest only available by foot, we decided to hike around the lake. For the short total distance it was a heck of a trail.
On Wednesday we went to the Elroy-Sparta trail. We meet up with Jeff around noon, cooked out and then headed out on the trail. The first 13 miles is a steady uphill. We got to the first tunnel and waited for Jeff. The tunnel was extremely damp and cold. Two girls who had gotten there before us thought that the tunnel was closed because they couldn't see the other end. We continued on and before the next tunnel I started to really slow up. When I finally got the the second tunnel I was exhausted. The look on my face must have been priceless because Melissa got a kick out of it. We walked thru the tunnel and once we were out I noticed that my front brake was stuck on. I fixed that and could finally keep up with everyone else. Unfortunely the weather took a turn for the worse and it started to rain. We decided to keep going to the next town, by the time we got there we were all cold and wet. The weather where we were headed looked even wrose than what we had already ridden through. We called the number for someone to pick us up and drop us off at our vehicle with only 17 miles of the 64 we were planning on doing.
After getting back to the car we started to head towards my Aunt Mary's house. We arrived at Aunt Mary's around 8:00p and headed to the Bad Habbit for a burger.
On Thursday I slept in while Melissa and Aunt Mary chatted and made breakfast. We sat around and talked most of the afternoon before heading off to the Nicolet National Forest. On our way to the Nicolet National Forest we stopped at the Lark Country Store which is an Amish store and bought some dry goods for camping. We were very impressed at the selection of items they had and the prices where very cheap.
Friday was spent camping. We did go into Lakewood to visit their winery but there was no tour, only tasting. Melissa enjoied it nonetheless.
On Saturday we went Wheeling. Gary and his friend Tim meet up with us around 10 or 11 o'clock. We decided to go up rock hill. We found rock hill to be very dry. When there we met up with Justin from Hartford and another guy driving a Samuri. Justin ended up tagging along with us the rest of the day while the Saumuri driver only tagged along for a small portion. It was a great day, for more information check out my Off-Road section.
On Sunday we came home left to come home around 11:00a. It was nice to finally take a good long shower and scrub all the wilderness away!

Added: August 23rd 2004

Summer 2004

Memorial Day Weekend - We decided to go with Jeremy and Char up to Langlade for some light wheeling and camping and then to head over to the pipeline and check out all the crazy stuff that I had heard about. The wheeling in Langlade was pretty boring. We had been up there the weekend before and most of the trails have been closed off. So the only wheeling we did was to and from our campsite, which still was fun and allowed me to use the winch!

Country USA was a great time this year. The concerts were better than ever and the memories will last forever. I have to leave you out of the details 'cause they are priceless.

I was able to go wheeling quite a bit this summer. For more information and pictures, check out my Off-Road section.

Added: July 31st 2004

May 2004

I dropped down to part time at Charter. Nowicki Networks is now my full-time job and I get to pay out-of-pocket for health insurance.

Added: May 30th 2004

February 2004

Things with Nowicki Networks are going quite well, I wish I could say the same thing about Charter Communications. We still continue to hold calls non-stop and it's killing me between the time I have to be there and the time I'm spending with Nowicki Networks. I just got a proposal finished for the City of New London, it all goes well I will be self-employeed. Still many things to think about and consider as I will no longer have guarenteed income or insureance benifits.
With my truck I got a winch and new radio!

Added: February 28th 2004

January 2004

Things are looking up. For Christmas I recieve a decent about of money for gifts which was well appriciated. Forcasting I should be able to get my truck paid off in April of this year. That will defidently help.
Adam's doing everything for Nowicki Networks this month witch is nice. He need the money and I enjoy the time to spend with Melissa, her family, and my family.

Added: January 31st 2004

August 2003

Adam has left for school. Now I'm left with all the work at Nowicki Networks, but all the money as well :)

Added: August 31st 2003

June 2003

Still haveing gotten my truck finished. I just ordered the Add-a-leaf spring to correct the rear end.
Country USA is all set to go. We have a smaller crew this year, but it worked out well and we should have pleanty of room with 3-campsites and only 9 people. The weather in not looking good at the moment, but we will make the best of it for sure.
My grandpa is not doing well at all. he had a stroke a few weeks ago and has been in the hospital unable to speak since. Since he's been in the hospital he's been stable, but at the same point getting worse. His quality of life is not at all how he would want and so the tough decision to limit the medical aid to only pain relief was made. God Bless him.

Added: June 30th 2003

Early 2003

I got my new tires on my truck. Yes I was able to squeeze 33x12.5 BF Goodrich All-Terrain TA KOs! This was a combersome process and I still havent' gotten the bumpers fixed yet. I have many people to have said that they would help me get them lined up again, but at this time, none have come through.
My truck is going into the shop for some high-milage maintenance. At 97,000 miles Ford is going to warrenty some well needed work in regardes to Ford's falty Cam guide and/or tentioner. I don't know why they only fix the front, since there is a rear on as well. Probably because the rear requires you to pull the motor out. This fix "should" reduce or eliminate the noise engine problems. Also, it will help prevent the timing chain from slipping or breaking which could cause SERIOUS problems. Let hope that this works. I don't have the money for a new motor at this time.
Work is going well for me, but I would really like to have my debt paid off. I've been stable, but not making much progress.

Added: March 1st 2003

Early Fall 2002

I started working for Charter Communications on 9/23/02. Adam and I have continued pushing NowickiNetworks along. I'm still poor, but hope to be able to actually celebrate Christmas and be able to buy people stuff and then in January start saving and paying things off so that I'm back to a comfortable level.

Added: October 1st 2002

Memorial Weekend 2002

Went camping last minute in Red Granite with some of Melissa's friends from High School. We had planned a huge weekend in a State Park near the Dell's but almost everyone canceled or didn't get back to us. Nonetheless, we had a great time and didn't have to pay for a campsite.

Added: June 1st 2002

Summer 2002

I start school back up on June 3, 2002. I'm only taking two classes that "SHOULD" allow me to graduate in August.

Added: June 1st 2002

May 31, 2002

My parents will be arriving back from vacation tonight so I've been busy making sure that the house in back in order. Obviously I've had enough time to spend it working on the website a bit.

Added: May 31st 2002

May 17, 2002 through May 19, 2002

Went to the Dells to show off my car with all it's neon. Finally got to meet Carleton (http://cmeglow.com/). Because of this and my new found facination for Neon lighting I have created another website, GlowingCars.com. It's not currently working but you can view it by clicking here

Jeff and I went for the weekend with a visit from Doug, Bren, Breanna, and Cristy. I hope I spelled them correctly. They stayed on Friday and left early Saturday morning, missing out of the show all together.

Added: May 20th 2002

February and March 2002

Let's just say these were not very good months for me. I am now working at Perkins Family Restaurant as a cook making a considerable amount less than I was before. I have put out 17+ resumes looking for jobs all over the state and haven't heard back from many.

I did get my patrol box made for camping. Here are some pictures of me camp setup

Added: March 31st 2002

December 26th, 2001 throught January 4th, 2002

Went to Colorado with Melissa to visit her Aunt and Uncle. We went skiing three times, once to Vail and twice to Sunlight. We also had the opportunity to go to the hot springs to "cool down" after skiing all day. The hot springs are natural springs that are always hot. One of the pools was about 104°. Previous to that we went to the Vapor Caves this was a natural underground sauna. Tickets to fly from O'hare International Airport to Dever, CO was under $400 for both of us round trip. We got our tickets from CheapTickets.com.

Added: January 5th 2002

December 19, 2001

Had my interview with Appleton East. Even though Jack's maintenance hired me, the school hadn't approved me yet. The interview went well an I'm almost 100% positive I'll keep it and get a dollar an hour raise. Keep your fingers crossed

Finishing up the last week of school. Things have been hectic. I have too many loose ends to tie up it seems. Mostly things I have to wait for which I don't like doing. I believe that I'll have one class to make up next semester. I have to transfer my credits from UWO and I'm not sure when that will happen.

Added: December 19th 2001

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