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Went early to the club meeting with intentions to get the black zuk running.  After we purchased it we assumed the head was shot and we were gong to swap one from Bobby's green zuk.  Unfortuneately I didn't get off to the best of starts.  Around 11:00a I decided I'd switch gears and make a quick lunch to get prepared for the noon meeting.  I finished up lunch and had some time to burn so I thought I'd worm my way back to the area we'd be meeting.  By 12:15p I started wondering why no one had arrived yet.  Having fun, I kept driving around and getting more and more gutsy.  I finally got ahead of myself and buried the zuk up to the rear bumper.  Unable to get unstuck I walked back to the Explorer and drove to check if anyway was there yet.  Sure enough, Tad and Kimble were there.  I inquired about the noon start time only to find out that the start time all along was 1:00p.

After the meeting I ensured that I'd have help getting the zuk out and decided to tag along until we got to it.  We had a good time wheeling despite finding out that the front end of my Explorer is officially shot and I really don't have 4WD anymore.  I managed to get around the obstacle swapped the Explorer for the black zuk.

After getting the zuk out and having Tad drop off the green one I ran to get some parts and tools.  I came back and worked on what I could until it started raining.

Net result?  I wheel'd the blue zuk, the Explorer, and the black zuk but got little to no work done.
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