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Crozet 10th Anniversary Run trip with Explorer Forum Group.

With much anticipation, the run finally came. The planning wasn't the best but we decided to camp with a small group at Misty Mountain Camp Resort near the off-road park. The weather outlook didn't look the best but from our experience living in Virginia we expected it to go over the mountains and miss us. We rolled into the campground around 8:00p just as the thunder was starting. As we began setting up the tents the sky opened up on us and in less than 2 hours we probably had 4 inches of rain. Little to say we were soaked.
As we started getting cold and board we decided to try and find the other group that was staying in the cabin. We drove around in the dark and got a little bit a wheeling in but finally found the cabin and got to meet a few people.

Saturday morning came a we had a great breakfest, met up with several others at the campground before heading out to the offroad park. Once at the park we got everyone else rounded up, aired down, signed our lives away and proceeded on the trail. Not knowing what to expect we tackeled each obstical slowly and with the guidance of Chris the park owner who did a great job in my opinion. On the first obsticle I hit something hard and found my zuk in neutral. After a little head scratching I found that my t-case wouldn't stay in 4-low on it's own. I held it in place while I made it through the rest of the obsticle and then used a strap to hold it in place for the rest of the day.

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