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August 21st, 2004

The pipeline

Melissa and I had been on vacation the entire week prior and had made arranagements to meet up with Gary at the Bear Paw Boat Landing campgrounds. We had originally told him that we would stay at the closest one to the lake but ended up staying at almost the furthest one from the lake.

Gary rolled in around 11:00a on Saturday and brought with him his friend Tim. We stood around in our campsite for a while meeting Tim and enjoying his wheeling and other stories from when he lived in Hawaii.

We finally decided to get going and headed out to the pipeline to try and climb Rock Hill. Once we got there we noticed that it was very dry which made for a much easier climb. The go-around for Rock Hill was actually harder than rock hill. Gary decided to try going down while Melissa rode shotgun. According to Gary it was the biggest angle he's ever been on. While at Rock Hill we meet up with Justin from Hardford. He decided to tag along with us for the rest of the trip.

As we moved along the trail we ran into a guy with a Samuri. We stopped briefly to chat, but realized quickly that he was very long winded and had to just jump in our vehicles and start driving. He taged along for a bit.

Once down the backside of Rock Hill we all played around in the sand for a little bit. I went into an area I "thought" I had done before only to realize there was a very steep dropp off which scared the _____ out of me. With a few laughs and some helpful encouragement I was able to overcome my fears and gets some great action shots of my truck.

After than was the S-curve. I don't know what the spot is actually referred to as but that's what I'm calling it. I was able to make it up under my own power after a few attempts. Defidently need a locker.

Shortly thereafter we stopped for lunch in Crooked Lake. After our meal we... um.. had the luxury of seeing.... some interesting things that the natives where doing. Makes you think twice about living that far north. We then drove through Neligan Lake trails back to the pipeline and found a few mud hole. Gary got stuck.... Gary got stuck... and Justin came close to floping over on his roof!

We ended the day by exchanging e-mail addresses with Justin and proceeding our separate way

Nice to wheel with ya'll, hope to see you Labor Day Weekend.

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