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May 28-31, 2004 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Langlade, WI
Mountain, WI - The pipeline

The plan for the weekend was a little wheel'n, a little camping, and a little drinking. While our crew slow was cut down to just four we had a great weekend. In attendance were Jemery (co-worker) and his girl friend Char, Melissa (my girlfriend) and myself. I had told Jeremy after my last wheel'n trip that there was a problem with my website, his truck wasn't on it. So we decided Memorial Day weekend was just the weekend to change that.

Out plan was to just camp and wheel in Langlade because we had been warned that the pipleline was just crazy with people during memorial day weekend. Friday Jeremy worked until noon and then headed up north to meet me and do a little wheel'n and find a place to camp. Like always I was running late and hadn't pack a thing but needed to go back to Oshkosh to pick up Melissa anyways. So we finally meet up at Bob & Joni's around 4 or 4:30 and headed out to Langlade county where I had planned to camp.

I don't think Char had enough respect for wheeln' as we turned off the main road and headed down the dirt/gravel road and the turn off that onto what barely looked like a road. Anyways she wasn't keen on the idea of taking her truck out into anything except mud. Nonetheless the continued to follow me thru endless twists and turns and dead end roads trying to find a spot on the lake up there. We finally got close and as we did the fun began. A couple of puddles and small hill climbs and things started to get fun as you didn't quite know what you were getting into. After we found the lake it was just a matter of driving around to find the right campsite.

After finding the campsite it was time to find the easy way out. This was easier than I thought as the loggers had basically paved the "back-way" in. While is was a nice wide trail there were a couple nice safe deep muddy sections. I tried my best to get stuck in them, and did quite a good jobs I might add. Since I had to go home anyways, and Jeremy and Char had relatives in the area they decided to stay there for the night and headed home to get and early start on my packing.

Saturday morning came and all I needed was to go grocery shopping with Melissa and be on our way. This took longer than expected and we decided to meet up with Jeremy and Char to get breakfast. After breakfast we headed down the trail to find camp and setup. I took a wrong turn...or did I... and ended up stuck in this nice gooky mud. After winching out and realizing we went the wrong way we got to turn around and go back thru it! :)

After camp was setup we decided to head into town. To save gas we took my truck and on our return decided to check out the pipeline and just see what people were talking about. When we arrived there first time for everyone in the car but me, I did notice there there were a lot more people there but hadn't seen anything crazy yet. We slowly went down the trail and while busier, again didn't seem like any big deal. Then, as we approache the area that freaks me out I saw several vehilce parked and several people standing around. We decided to park and check out was was going on and then decided whether we wanted to continue one. The spot we got to found us a great deal of viewing pleasure. I can't really go into detail, but as they say a picture is worth a 1000 words.

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