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November 1, 2003

Mountain, WI - The pipeline

This was a quick little trip to get a chance to test out the new lift and tires for both Gary and I. On this trip my buddy Jeff rode along, and Kerry and his daughter came up.

I meet Kerry in Neenah and we headed up to Green Bay to meet Gary. We then headed to Mountain. On rock hill Kerry's daughter slipted and fell and needed to go to the emergency room, nothing too serious, just a sprained wrist. She felt horrible 'cause she thought she ruined our weekend. While it would have been nice to have them along, they didn't ruin our trip at all.

After they headed out, we stopped for lunch. After lunch we did some light wheeling and decided to head home. I wanted to go back to a secation we had been to before to get some pictures. We got some AWESOME picutures as you'll see.

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